Why worried about spring hinges

Hinges are a small but crucial component for overall frame quality. If not mounted properly, it's hard to adjust and repair.
By working with the leading spare part company, we keep developing new hinge solutions to meet trends in the eyeglasses industry. We aim to achieve maximum precision with the greatest flexibility.

Hinge Solutions

➢ High stability
➢ Easy assembling
➢ New & safe locking device
➢ Akulon-coated screws for durability

Quality Test Result

  1. Breakage Test

    To bend / incline the hinge (vertical) +/- 15 degrees
    20 times without breakage


  2. Bending Resistance Test

    To bend / incline the hinge (vertical)to 20 degrees
    minimum torque 33Ncm


  3. Movement Test

    To open and close for 50.000 times


  4. Pull-out Resistance Test - Gliding part

    To have no breakage or serious damages of
    the gliding part at a pull-out strength of 300N


  5. Check of rocking movement

    Average play = 1,8° (+/- 0,9° / side)