How does it work with our private label project?

The private label line creates exclusivity. A small optical retailer can unique themselves with the help of a reliable production source from China.
It can greatly enhance your profit margin and get rid of price competition. We already had a lot of successful experience by offering private label projects to our clients via
If you need custom eyewear for your company or to personalize your own glasses, our laser engraving system can create what you need.
Laser engraving can allow you to have a name, custom logo, or other custom shape engraved onto your eyewear and colored.
This can be incredibly useful for differentiating between eyewear within a department and allow you to customize the eyewear to be branded with your company’s logo.

Private label sunglasses are gaining popularity among businesses for a few reasons. First, they offer more customization options than branded sunglasses. This allows businesses to create unique products that align with their brand identity and meet the specific needs of their customers. Second, private label sunglasses can help businesses create a unique brand identity and differentiate themselves from competitors who sell branded sunglasses. Finally, private label sunglasses can offer higher profit margins compared to branded sunglasses, as businesses can avoid paying licensing fees and other costs associated with branded products.

Tips for success with private label sunglasses

1. Research the market and competitors
2. Invest in high-quality materials and craftsmanship
3. Offer competitive pricing and unique value propositions

Policy for private label sunglasses

Two conditions are required

1. Minimum Order Value≧$2000
2. 20 pieces for each item, and you can choose 2 colors, means 10pcs per color

Mark Solution

Ink Mark on frame temples
Laser Mark on frame temples
Laser Mark on polarized sun lens


Our laser system generates the engravings by cold laser ablation of 193 nm UV radiation.
This results in a superior engraving quality considering all cosmetic aspects – without any heat affection and micro cracks.
Our microMARK™ MCL to meet customer’s demand for high-quality marking with significantly decreased cost of ownership

Laser Mark on Sunglasses